Ominous Happenings in East Palestine, Ohio

Saturday evening February 25 marked the latest in a strange series of events in East Palestine, Ohio, the site of the horrific train derailment and toxic chemical aftermath.

After refusing assistance for weeks, Joe Biden’s team, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), refused for weeks to assist the town. Then the EPA deemed that the mess was the responsibility of the railroad, Norfolk Southern, and the company had started to clean up the toxic mess. However, on Saturday, the EPA ordered a halt to the railroad’s effort.

Why? Residents are experiencing terrible symptoms. Although the EPA wants the railroad to pay the full bill, big government has now decided that they will review and approve waste transport going forward. Oh, good. The government is now on the case. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. How come I don’t feel at ease?

This situation is certainly far worse than the mainstream media will tell you it is. The tanker cars carrying vinyl chloride were intentionally blown up to release what is perhaps the largest dioxin plume in history. People, water, farmland, forests, and animals will be affected for generations.

Dioxin is more commonly associated with Agent Orange, a chemical that contained the world’s most toxic dioxin known as TCDD. Agent Orange was used by the US military in Vietnam and surrounding countries to defoliate forests used by the enemy as hiding spots. Soldiers returning from the war had unusual patterns of cancer and their children had birth defects and serious medical issues.  Agent Orange is linked to at least 17 cancers, and it continues to pollute Asia, while the terrible effects have impacted generations of people in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, and Thailand and likely will for decades more.

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A trifecta of bizarre circumstances

#1: Was a train of vinyl chloride intentionally set on fire to create a huge dioxin cloud? Did you know a movie that predicted this accident? The Netflix movie White Noise is about a toxic spill in that Ohio region; it debuted in December 2022 and was filmed in the area. Many of the people experiencing toxic fallout now were movie extras during the film. No matter how you slice it, that is just plain weird.

#2 Why were local media stations urging residents to sign up for the MyID biometric tracking devices one week before the accident? MyID provides first responders with updates about area individuals after a major disaster. I mean, you just cannot make this stuff up.

#3 Despite not having updated the vinyl chloride guidelines in nearly 20 years, the CDC edited its toxicology profile two weeks before the accident. The agency changed the lethal exposure amount from 100 ppm to 100,000 ppm. You don’t have to be a chemist to realize that this is a massive increase in the lethal exposure guideline. Even more shocking, the CDC completely removed information about how the chemical affects children. Maybe this is why the EPA so quickly gave the “all clear” for residents to move back to their homes and to drink the “safe” water.

What’s going on? Is this a direct hit on the US? If so, by whom? Are we being attacked by our own government? What are the motives?

Given that this area of Ohio and Pennsylvania has over 70 organic farms and 30 meat processing plants, was this a massive demolition of a vital food supply? There have been over 100 food plant fires in the last year alone in the US. Is the deep state trying to starve us? We think so, and we wrote about it here.

Is the government trying to force these residents out of the area? This is also plausible, as the World Economic Forum (WEF) has 36 model cities slated to serve as smart cities by May 2023.  It’s part of their 2030 agenda, and smart cities are also referred to as 15-minute cities. They’re not all they’re cracked up to be; we wrote about that here. Even more interesting is that Cleveland, Ohio’s mayor wants his city to be the first 15-minute city: “We’re working toward being the first city in North America to implement a 15-minute city planning framework, where people—not developers, but people—are at the center of urban revitalization, because regardless of where you live, you have access to a good grocery store, vibrant parks, and a job you can get to.”

In the 2030 WEF agenda, the land development plans allow governments around the world to cease polluted land and move the residents to the smart cities. And the kicker is that the residents don’t get the option to stay. You move where the government tells you to go (much like in the Chinese Communist Party today). Hmmmm….do we know any land that has been recently polluted?


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Not the EPA’s first rodeo

If it sounds farfetched, it’s not. If it sounds like it would maybe happen in another country, but never in the US, think again. In the 1970s, the EPA bought an entire town and incinerated it. The town of Times Beach, Missouri became so contaminated with chemicals that the EPA obliterated the entire town.  Of course, they relocated the people first, just like Agenda 2030.

Times Beach is largely regarded as one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. It took eons of time for the government to finally admit it was a chemical wasteland. Something similar happened at Love Canal, another notorious US superfund site. Interestingly, Love Canal was created in 1890 as a master-planned community that would run on hydroelectricity generated from Niagara Falls. Yet only 30 years later, toxins generated from Niagara Falls operations began to be dumped there. There were decades of dumping chemicals and decades of thumb twirling by the government to finally do something. In the 1970s, Love Canal was finally declared an environmental disaster. Once again, families were not only displaced but suffered longstanding health issues like leukemia and other cancers. The neighborhood wasn’t completely demolished until 2004, but the damage was already done.

Let’s hope for a different outcome for East Palestine, Ohio, and keep them in our prayers. And let’s pray for the entire country, because these types of chemical accidents are happening with alarming regularity. Train derailments are happening all over, as are truck accidents, industrial leaks and pipeline ruptures. One estimate shows these incidents are happening every two days on average. Pray.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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